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You just gotta show how you feel cause that's you baby well you're so REAL

When I'm listening to music I almost always block out film sequences in my head to them. Sometimes I'll listen to a given song over and over, building a complete scene to it in my head. It will be extremely detailed including moments like "And on this note his foot slips in the mud and he starts to tumble but catches himself with his right hand, stumbles a bit and keeps on running" or "We see her hair bobbing up and down and then cut to his expression of determination." Of course I don't block them out in lame language but in vivid color imagery. If I'm doing a detailed scene I build an entire plot structure surrounding it, both before and after, and even character backstories extending to before the start of the imagined film in which the imagined scene takes place. Sometimes I cast real actors (John Cusak would never lack work if these were ever produced) and sometimes I create up and commers who could fill particular parts. There are several series of films that repeat but often they are just one and done and I never think of them again.

Is this normal? I don't ask because I give a fuck about other people but merely because I think it may be a sign that I should actually pursue a creative endeavour rather than or in addition to the route I am currently on. I am somewhat annoyed that my writing skills have slipped recently but I think that's just a matter of not being in practice what with being out of school and not keeping up my journaling. I can still turn phrases that impress the fuck out of me and if I had a solid concept and determination (I do have an idea for a novel very firmly planted in my head but I don't know if it's too cheesy) I think I could create something that wouldn't make me cringe constantly at its merest mention.

I guess this idle speculation but I would like to know if this is just a normal thing. Do people actually just LISTEN to music? I can do that sometimes with classical but pop tends to be far too bland.
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