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Heaven knows what you've got to prove I think I'm paranoid

Two forces in my life collided in my dreams last night.

1) I've been reading a lot of left-wing stuff recently since I've absorbed what I wanted from the right wing spectrum and have grown tired of their (the people who make up the right wing, I am trying to break the habit of using their as a pronoun in reference to an organization but its seems inappropriate here so I am parenthetically noting that the their refers to the collective of right wingers) constant need to be sucking George Bush's dick at all times even when he is clearly wrong. Now maybe his semen is skittles flavored and they just want to taste the rainbow, but you'd think for all their yammering about principals they could get the great white schlong dislodged from their lips for just a second to mention the autocracy of the PATRIOT act or the fact that we now pretty much know there WERE no WMDs in Iraq.

2) I want to get a gun. While it is quite illegal to own a handgun in NYC without a permit I have a house upstate where I could purchase and store it legally and I could learn to shoot, in addition to having a weapon in reach within 2 hours if needed. I think with the way this country's going arming oneself is probably not a bad idea. Furthermore storing it in another house means I will not be risking using it in the heat of the moment or being shot with my own gun during a robbery (I feel pretty secure behind my multi-locked steel door to be honest, it's not really for normal situation home protection)

Before I explain how these two forces combined in my dream I feel compelled to discuss a little more about the liberal stuff I've exposed myself to.

The thing I like about liberals is that they actually care about other people, at least the good ones do. They are genuinely concerned when their neighbor can't make rent or some kid from the wrong sides of the track drops out of school. That is VERY admirable.

The thing I don't like about liberals is that they are unrealistic. They tend to believe that A) Everything can be fixed if you apply enough elbow grease and B) Moral clarity and purity is attainable on a large scale even after power and money have been attained.

While some may argue (convincingly) that being unrealistic is exttremely important, because realistic people never expand the scope of possiblity, liberals tend to ALL be unrealistic. How many people out there really truly care about their fellow human beings and also recognize the limitations, flaws, and dangers inherent in those very same people? They are a select bunch to say the least.

Most of who pass for moderate liberals are actually conservatives who like to say liberal things. They are not opposed to pork, are not tireless crusaders for justice, do not bat an eye when sacrificing principals for political expediency. Meanwhile the "true believers" make fairly outlandish proposals that seem really swell on the face of them but break up rather quickly under the application of even moderate logic. Big Unions are NOT any better than Big Business for the most part (liberals never face the MASSIVE corruption that has been discovered in many big labor unions) and legislation of equality by pushing one set of people down to match the capacity of another set is not only unfair but also non-functional.

I guess it doesn't matter much since there are no true liberals left making an impact on the political landscape but in my constant search to find a political niche I find it disheartening. Jim Hightower, for example, has a bunch of really good ideas and a bunch of very suspect plans for bringing them to fruition. We need like 5 really passionate hippies and one incredibly principaled straightlaced lawyer/business(wo)man type to be their frontguy (guys can be women, women can be guys!) and do some accountancy work on their dreams, that'd be RAD!

Speaking of dreams, I guess it's time to spill mine.

Okay in this dream I buy a gun in the city and take it home before setting off to the country with it (A-HA! You say, at least the gun comment makes sense now). At home in NYC I'm playing around with it empty and then I load it, only I've left the hammer cocked (it's a revolver).

Anyway I attempt to un-cock the hammer by pulling back on it gently and letting it slide forward while I have the gun pointed away from me only when I finally release it, with the hammer in the gun, it goes off anyway (this used to happen with my cap guns quite a bit).

Anyway the bullet goes through the wall into the apartment next to mine where a family of neighbors is having breakfast (these were actually people who live in my building but don't have the apartment next to mine.) The gun going off woke a friend who was staying over and he came out and asked me what was going on. I told him and we both panicked a little. Finally I looked through the hole in the wall into the room where the family had been eating. They were still consuming their food and there didn't seem to be any injuries. Then the doorbell rang and it was the man of the house. He asked about what the noise had been, very pleasantly, I lied and he left. Then the dream ended.

Now you may ask what, besides the fact that my dream was a fucking PSA about the dangers of gun ownership, this has to do with liberals. Well the weirdest part of the deam happy it seemed. Even though it was about a near miss with accidentily killing an innocent bystander there was plenty of light and room and it didn't end darkly like many of my dreams do (Being dragged down to hell by the woman I had a crush on still pretty much takes the cake there)

Liberals are happier and funnier than conservatives for the most part. Conservatives spend a lot of time being angry. John Stewart is happy, Bill O'Reilly is angry. Al Franken is snide and silly, Rush Limbaugh is snide and angry.

The moral of this story is that I think I should cut down on the conservative reading because it might be what's been putting me in a bad mood. I've got what I needed now back to the happy. YEAH!
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