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And all I can feel is this moment

This entry was already eaten once by the computer so instead of a lyrical and fascinating look at the last few days all you're going to get are a few lame bullet points and very little insight.


The basics

-Trip up to Maine was okay, cat got stuck in the wall again, why does she do this? She's being fed (non-sequitor, not answer.)

-Read Al Franken's latest book in 24 hours (not straight, just within 24 hours of cracking the cover for the first time) Funny and depressing all at once. Franken's wife's name is Franni Franken. Why?

-Michael Chabon is good

-Gingerbread House in Oquossoc Maine has best baby-back ribs ever. Maple-blueberry glaze=YOWSAWOWSA!

-The more things change the more childhood DIES

-No deep thoughts or revelations yet. Some rest, lots of reading, a little music.

-Spectacularly uninteresting Journal entry OVER!
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