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Once there was this rock and roll band rolling on the street, time went by and it became a joke

It's always hard for me to write interesting or comprehensive journal entries when I'm up here, not just because of the lack of time on the net, or the constant distraction of the beautiful grey waves rolling across the lake as if it were an ocean, but also because this is the place I most associate with summer, where the days pass swiftly and blended into one another and where individual events don't seem nearly important as the ambiance or feeling.

There are a few incidents I'd like to jot down. I guess I'll start with the silliest things, which are the books adn movies I've managed to get through while up here. I read three books, Al Franken's latest "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them: a fair and balanced look at the right" Michael Chabon (AKA Blorky's luncheon partner who is quite probably a space Alien)'s "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" which was pretty decent and Chuck PalawhatevertherestofthenameiseveryoneknowshewroteFightClub's Choke which was overly vulgar and not all that great, especially the ending. I read somewhere that the average American only reads 3 books a year so I think I did a decent job polishing those off in 3.5 days, although I'm not sure I want to read anymore while up here since I don't want to burn out before the semester starts and I am inundated with mandatory reading.

Filmwise I brought a lot of stuff up with me but have only bothered to see a few things since, you know this is Maine and I am supposed to be focusing on the outdoorsy aspects of it all. I rewatched and definitely enjoyed Twelve Monkeys, as well as the documentary about its making that was on the DVD. I was pretty surprised to learn just how insecure Terry Gilliam can be about his work, since he is a critically acclaimed director and his bizzare vision comes through so strongly on the screen you wouldn't think that he'd be quite so insecure. Part of it seems to come from his working with someone else's script, but still. It's an interesting thing.

I spent this morning (Which is extremely cold and windy) huddled up to a fire of my own making (in a fireplace!) watching American Movie. This is a documentary that I caught most of at like 2:30 AM on a school night. It's about a Wisconsin filmmaker (interesting for a reason I will digress on later) getting drunk and trying to make a low budget schlocky horror film over the course of something like 3 years with his drug addled best friend and his supportive-because-they're-guilty family. It's an interesting film but also fairly depressing and the protagonist is just a guy who can't get his life together. What really annoyed me about him was A) He kept on rattling on about how he was making this movie in order to eventually become rich and famous rather than because it was a movie that needed to get made and B) His attitude towards his children which, while quite loving, lacks the sort of responsibility you'd hope for.

I guess it is somewhat inspiring in that it re-affirms the fact that I actually want to do something with my life (not unlike this guy, who is only, afterall, 8 years older than I am) and I admire the courage with which he forges ahead, but it's also something of a bleak vision.

Speaking of bleak visions from Wisconsin (I did say I'd get back to the Cheesehead state) my mother's college roomate (at the unniversity of Wisconsin - Madison) and her husband have come up during this vacation. They're staying across the lake in a rented cabin (which is very nice, modern, and utterly lacking in the ramshackle charm that should be inherent in a summerhouse in Maine.) Both are lawyers, although the husband is chairmain of his firm, a medium sized Energy Law specializing outfit in Washington, and the wife is retired and making crafts and quilts and the like. Anyway they are both conservative, with Howard leaning more towards the middle and Clarice being a Fox News quoting staunch rightwinger (if you can't figure out which one is the husband and which is the wife then you need to either grow older or attend an english class).

Anyway bringing conservatives up into this bastion of Baltimorian liberalism is a bit of a risky proposition at best (in an amusing tangent they only chose to vacation in Maine because their usual vacation spot wasn't available. They are friends of Richard Perle, the war profiteer, and while they usually stay near him in France they didn't go this year because "their safety could not be guaranteed." I wish I was making that up.) Fortunately there have been few political discussions between the various camps, except the other night at dinner when my Cousin Ebbie made the Vodkas a little too strong and somehow we got from Bowling to George Bush and there was a huge fight at the dinner table just after we finished the pie. Things were resolved alright though and no horrible insults were exchanged (plus I think I managed to convince a few people to check out Al Franken's new book which is neither good nor bad nor worth mentioning but it's easier to end this sentence, gramatically attrocious as it may be, than it would be to delete it.)

ANYWAY we've spent a lot of time with these people so my number of nights available to just hang have been limited. Last night was pretty nice, Mars was VERY visible in the clear Rangely sky and we even got to look at it through a telescope, which did nothing to enhance the image. It was bright enough to leave a streak of light on the lake though.

Other than that there's been a bit of swimming and hiking, a fair amount of sleeping late and reading, a fortunately restrained amount of eating, and hopefully enough relaxing to get me ready for the fast approaching school year. This was my first extended period without classes since I recommited to my schooling a mere 3 months before I started this journal. My mom keeps talking about how fast life flies by and it's true. Even at my youthful age I can feel it rushing past in rivers. They say that time waits for no man but hell, that mofo doesn't even slow the fuck down. It just keeps on running and either you have a grip on it or you don't.

I like being up here though. Even the mundanities seem a bit fresher when you're in a new element and the fresh air helps clear my sinuses while the extra sleep allows me to think without a headache (the two may be related). When you're breathing's pure that matters a lot. One of the reasons I plan to flee New York.

I'm starting my senior year of college soon. It means less to me than it does to most I guess, I won't be partying hearty or anything like that. Still I can feel life starting to breath down my neck and I still don't know what I want. Everyone up here thinks I'd make an excellent lawyer (and some of them are, themselves, very successful lawyers so hopefully their opinions aren't completely without thought or merit) but I don't know if I want to do that. Every career path out there seems so limited, then again careers these days are rarely as one dimmensional as they used to be. I guess I'll just see. I'm young and directionless, somebody buy me a boilermaker and lead me on an exciting adventure through which I achieve personal growth and direction as well as finding a soulmate and stopping Pirates from taking over the farm!
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