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Hook and line every time

I'm back in the city, having taken the train down past a nice snapshot of rural and suburban New York ranging from the Toney suburbs like Chappaqua to the bombed out wasteland known as Purdy's with its raging fires and high background radiation levels and populated only by a few cringing mutants, hiding from the sight of the normals who could never even hope to understand them.

It also involved a 2 mile walk through Harlem with a 40 pound backpack. It's surprising how vibrant the community has become. I remember going through that area a couple times when I was younger and it was much less inviting than it is now, with almost all commercial space occupied by some kind of business (there are a LOT of hair braiding salons, not that there's anything wrong with that) and people going about their business and just hanging out on the street. It's actually a friendlier and more neighborly place than the Columbia University neighborhood and MUCH moreso than the Park Avenue area.

The one thing I saw there even vaguelly shady was a MASSIVE motorcycle/ATV gathering. There were like 50-100 of them all racing along filling the street on both sides. I don't think they had a permit because I didn't see any police. It was kind of cool though, all those cyclists. They were racers too, not bikers. I didn't see any leather. I wonder what was going on. Heard some locals talking about it and they had no idea either.

My mom's still upstate. She spent the night with her new lover. He's a foreman for the Westchester New York Times delivery crew. I don't know if I'm ready to REALLY meet him yet but I'm happy for her. He seems like a decent enough gent from the descriptions.

It turns out there's a really great Chinese/Sushi place up by my country house. Who'd a thunk it? We're talking better chinese food than 90% of the places in the city and MOUTHWATERING fresh Sushi. We tried the Eel and the Spicey Tuna. Both were excellent. I need to start eating more sushi because it's good and good for me.

It's funny. During the trip we had 3 meals at restaurants we'd never tried before. On the way up we had Mexican in a suburban mall type area. It was very very good. After we got back down we had great chinese/sushi. The one bad meal? American food in a diner in St. Johnsburry. It was also the most expensive meal.


Just makes my head spin.

I watched the commentary track of Chasing Amy. It was pretty funny but most surprising was how loose and funny Ben Affleck was. I guess the media has started to portray him as a prima-donna type but in fact he seemed (at least then, which was right before he exploded into star status) to be exactly the kind of guy you'd want to hang out with. The one thing I kept thinking throughout the commentary was that I can't wait for the next Kev Smith commentary (on Jersey Girl, his Affleck-Lopez project) because Gigli would provide just the kind of Ammo the other people need to fire back at the wisecracking Affleck. On the other hand maybe he's changed with stardom and the whole Lopez thing and whatnot. It may seem that I am falling into the celebrity worship/interest trap but it's more complicated than that. I was always interested in Affleck and Damon since the release of Good Will Hunting, because here were two guys who wrote a film together, starred in it, and then went on to Hollywood from there. What happens to them? I've also had an interest in Affleck because we share the same first name. I think a lot of people are like that, unconsciously, or consciously, interested in people with the same name as them. A name is such a personal thing but for most of us it's a personal thing we share with thousands, if not millions, of people.

School starts tomorrow. Don't know if I'm ready. Guess I'll find out.

Just keep telling myself it's 15 weeks.

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