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Went downtown with Charles and bought some weights today. I was in a foul mood because my housekeeper barged in with 3 of her friends and basically took over my home this morning...I had no idea what to say. It was totally inappropriate. Some crazy woman called me fat and tried to grab my ass on the street. Fortunatly since this was the second time that has happened this year I was somewhat prepared and managed to block.

Anyway I cheered up hanging with chuck and I'm excited about the weights we got. They are definitly going to ramp up my workouts. I haven't posted much because LiveJournal has been crashing regularly. It's funny how quickly I get past insignificant little events if I don't post about them. On the other hand I don't learn from them. It's a tradeoff.

What did we learn today?

Social contact can cure what ails you (of course this was with a 38 year old man, so I'm not sure if hanging with someone my own age would have had the same calming effect.)

I am one of the least horny men on earth. I NEVER check women out and apparently EVERYONE else does.

Sometimes it's nice to just give up on being so stressed and just calm down (today is calmday.)
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