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Working for something that I can't touch and sometimes can't even believe in

Re-entry into the school environment has been relatively painless and anti-climactic. Most of the classes seem pretty managable and the two intergraduate classes (under and grads mixed) seem like they are going to be relatively easy, although hopefully interesting as well. My professor for "America and the Arab World" seems really cool, he was hilarious during the first lecture admitting that he was happy about the war in Iraq because he thought it would get rid of two illegitimate and evil rulers at the same time.

My honors seminar looks sticky. Got off on the wrong foot when I was late to class because the syllabus had the wrong room number on it. Furthermore the guy who runs it seemed really leary of changing proposals even this early in the game but I am going to try it anyway. Worst comes to worst I am dropped from the program which might actually be a good thing. It's going to take a lot of energy and dedication to churn out 80 pages of well researched claptrap. It's interesting that basically everyone else wants to do International Relations work and I am interested in American Politics. I didn't know that international relations had such a strong following. Live and learn.

Not a heck of a lot else to report. Football season is starting soon...I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I still feel disengaged from scholarly pursuits but that could just be because I want to get this research topic thing sorted out. I am a lost and floating soul.

Been playing a lot of Soul Calibur recently. Fun game.

Doug from my building is in my English class. I hope to be able to help him settle in to Columbia and get good grades and possibly become king of Sweden. That last one will take significantly more doing.

All my classes in Hamilton are on high floors. The professors keep talking about how you should walk the stairs if you are physically fit because the elevator there was built for like one small person who wants to travel 2 feet per second. Bah! I can haul my fat ass up the stairs too you know. I may huff and puff a little but that's the price of Cheetos.


P.S. There was a big graduation ceremony today at the Midtown Court. Nobody told me even though I told them I would show up if I had some notice. Now my ex-students think I am a liar.

Thanks a lot peeps. It's really appreciated.

P.P.S. I watched a little Fox news today for some godforsaken reason. It was about as fair and balanced as my asshole after I've had one too many burritos. The highlight was when one guy actually defended the democrats by saying "now now, they don't WANT our troops to be murdered in Iraq."

I'm not sure what the accusation he was defending from was but it strikes me that any program that requires you to clearly state that democrats don't hate and wish death upon soldiers is one that could perhaps use a slightly different tone.
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