Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
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There is no subject line because mimetic subject lines are rendered futile in the postmodern vortex.

I just got a cable modem. The company basically offered me broadband for a little more than I'm paying right now for dial-up without having to change my e-mail or anything. It's pretty nice zipping around the web at home although naturally I have had it at school forever. Still this is a good development. Maybe I'll get Xbox Live and start fragging MCs online. On the other hand I've found that broadband takes away a little bit of the mystery of the internet. What the fuck am I talking about? Well there's that moment between clicking a link and the web-page's appearance that actually heightens anticipation. For example my favorite internet thing is Tuesday Morning Quarterback on A Brookings scholar dissecting the week in football, ranting about hot cheerleaders and star-trek snafus and making fun of colleges like Indiana of Pennsylvania. What could be better? When I see that link appear around 1:30 PM on a Tuesday I get excited and it's almost like opening a Christmas gift clicking on it to see what he'll have written. It's that moment before the season premier of a great TV show like 24 or Curb your Enthusiasm. The 10 minutes leading up to lift off are great, and as good as the show is it can't match up.

Well with broadband the net is so fast that you just click and recieve. There's no build up, no anticipation, no frustration as you wait for the damned thing to load. While in many ways it's nice I do feel that instant gratification is a bit numbing to your appreciation and can be a negative in some respects. Still if I want Xbox live I have the NEED FO SPEED (my nizzle)

Yesterday I found myself actually pondering whether I should watch Citizen Kane or the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie that was on cable. I took a good five minutes thinking about this. Then I realized that I shouldn't even be asking that question and I made the right choice. Oh Beavis, will you ever learn? No seriously, I saw Kane for the first time and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I mean I knew it was supposed to be this great movie but I was almost shocked at how entertaining it was. Really quite a good film. I actually ended up seeing it again that night after I told a friend I'd seen it and he said he'd never heard of it OR Orson Wells. Then he came over and I showed it to him (he liked it too.) I didn't even catch the end of the Beavis and Butthead flick.

I feel pretty good right now. Less paralyzed than usual. Things are looking upish.
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