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Go on downtown baby, and find somebody to love

Professor Daniel N. Robinson is a fucking Rock Star. Okay, not literally, the man probably has more of an affinity for Brahms than he does for the Beatles, but the more classes I have with him the more I am impressed. From what I gather he's a fairly prominent philosopher of psychology but that's not so important, what impresses me is his teaching style. He's the most FUN professor I've had in a long time and he's incredibly intelligent, challenging, and engaging. He is not afraid to look a student right in the eye, cock his eyebrow (I believe that's his favorite affectation) and say something like "Shall I tell you about the ship of Thesius? If you're all extra good I shall tell you the story of that famous ship."

What this does is help establish the dynamic of teacher vs student (not that he's unwilling to take questions or argue, merely that he recognizes that his knowledge and experience with the material is much greater than ours and that his job is to help us gain some of that knowledge) and personalize the class. He limited the size of the class to 25 students (not that there was a huge clamoring for the history of psychology in the first place) and you can tell that he likes teaching as if it were a cocktail party or a conversation, even though it's a lecture. He's also not afraid to put difficult ideas and terms out there but he's also willing to explain them and help us to understand them. Basically he's like a throwback British style professor (though he's American) and compared to the burned out grad students, surfer dude 40 year olds, and "why am I teaching when I could be doing research" professors who make up the majority of the faculty here he's just amazing. I don't know, maybe I would have been better off at Oxford all things considered, but even the popular professors here tend not to speak to me. Most people don't even have anyone they truly respect or admire. Along with professor Bullitt, who is not as good but has his own charm and dry wit I have a good crop this semester and I'm pleased by that.

I got a Jury duty notice for the day of one of my midterms. I might have mentioned that already but it still amuses me so I'm repeating it, boyos.

Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten to things I have been intending to do for 3-4 years, particularly room clearing things but I also cancelled my MSN account (see I had a netcom (which was eaten by mindspring which was in turn eaten by earthlink) and an MSN account because in my days of Everquest addiction neither was reliable enough not to go down fairly regularly. A shameful waste of money but then I had two email accounts and one was cheaper to use upstate and...well it was just an intertwixted mess. Then Earthlink offered me the broadband so I took them up on that and got 8 new email addresses, plus with MSN cancelled I'm not even paying more than I was before. Anyway I am excited to have gotten these things done and that's good.

Now I need to start working on some assignments for school and I desperately need a haircut. Other than that things are actually pretty dandy.
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