Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Random Thoughts

1) I forgot to mention in my diatribe that the most curious thing about the "wages inspire good work" crowd is that they believe that is true only for the upper class. They are perfectly happy to let wages stagnate in the lower regions of the economy where, presumably, they'd have a better effect. I mean how much will a CEO care about a huge multi-million dollar bonus when he's already got hundreds of millions of bucks? Now divide that up among the workers so they are looking at a $500 bonus and someone who is making $20,000 a year suddenly has a pretty nice Christmas and a reason to have loyalty to the company. It's bizzare logic that paying a rich person an obscene amount of money will increase productivity more than paying a poor person a modest sum (which will have a bigger effect on their life.) The only explanation is that these people think that rich people are inherently MUCH more productive than poor people and thus any money spent on the poor is wasted. I don't think a CEO is more productive than 2,000 workers. Most important CEO work is having great ideas. It's never been shown that inspiration can be brought about by large pay packages. Despite the claim that science is 10% inspiration and 90% persperation I think you need to be fascinated by your work to have a true breakthrough, not just be punching a clock. If you love your work you'll do it for $5 million just as well as for $50 million. On the other hand nobody loves grilling thousands of lousy chicken sandwiches.

2) Carol Mosley-Braun made an incredibly sexist statement that men have screwed up the world thus only women leaders can fix it. Margaret Thatcher apparently was a better leader than Abraham Lincoln. If she were a man and said the equivalent it would mean the end of her presidential aspirations ( Fortunately since she's a woman she never really had a chance to begin with). Since she's a woman people applaud and pretend they agree, further proving my point about the anti-male sentiment in society.

3) I do not like being ill

4) The more I learn about the media the more cynical I tend to get

5) I have a 5 page paper to write on a poem. Good luck with that bitch (to myself)
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