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I feel better after watching Being John Malkovitch, eating some stuff I probably shouldn't have, and drinking about a gallon of water. All three activities were performed simultaneously and all seem linked in some way I can't quite describe.

Charlie Kaufman's screenplays are amazing. Even when they aren't brilliant (Being John Malkovich and Adaptation are brilliant while Confessions of a dangerous mind is very good and Human Nature is fatally flawed) they are at least interesting. They are hilarious, interesting, and full of insight. I also have to admit that I sympathize with the way Kaufman portrays women. The women in his films are always distant or seemingly unapprochable and usually untrustworthy (the two serious exceptions being Patricia Arquette's character in Human Nature who has all sorts of other stuff and Penny who was based on a real woman.) I also think his protaganists tend to have enough flaws to make them not only relateable but understandable.

Charlie Kaufman is the only screenwriter working in film right now who'se projects I actually care about. That's kind of sad.
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