Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

The difference between watching a film in a theatre or on home video versus TV is interesting. While generally after seeing a film on TV I consider myself to have "seen" the movie in fact that is not totally the case. Usually I have seen most of it, but a bathroom break or something generally takes a few minutes from it, and the fact that most Americans can't stand original aspect ratio movies on television means that I miss like 15-50% of the image. Watching on DVD vs the theatre is different too because you can pause or rewind to get something you missed, but at least you generally see all of the footage both in terms of aspect ratio and time.

That's just another way in which TV presents falsity. I mean we all know about how fake even the TV news is, and what it does to our brain waves etc... but I'd never before really thought about the fact that even when presenting something seemingly tailor made for the medium like a movie, TV still fails to provide an accurate reproduction, it's interesting.

I saw "The Ring" tonight and haven't gotten to Adaptation yet which I'll watch in the morning. Watching films, especially interesting films (I'm speaking here more of the Kauffman/Jones works than the somewhat scary but not overwhelming horror flick) always calms me and gets me back into a better mood. I don't know why that is exactly, maybe it's a sedating effect but that's not all it is because they CAN inspire me to do stuff or find other things interesting. After I see a really good movie for the first time I generally want to DO something, I'm not content and bland feeling.

It's really annoying how movie reviewers will refer to an actor instead of a character. I guess as a person who sympathises with writers I get annoyed when someone makes a claim that takes away from a writer's power. The actor does not always make the role, and most of the time when someone says something like "This role could only have been played by X" they are just plain wrong.
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