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I don't want to wind up being parted broken-hearted

I think my interest in professional football is definitely waning. Part of it is how lousy the Jets and Giants are this year, but the real nail in the coffin was the cancellation of Gregg Easterbook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column on Mr. Easterbrook made some unadvisable remarks regarding Jewish media people and caused a big stir. He also insulted Mr. Eisner, who is the president of Disney which owns ABC which is in charge of ESPN and...bam...out on his ass. Of course since in my Media class we've talked a lot about corporate ownership I shouldn't be surprised but I'm still depressed. Football just isn't the same when it's not mixed with Star Trek, physics, and condescending remarks about how dumb coaches can be.

Over the last 3 days I have watched the 3 Indiana Jones movies on DVD. Wow. Great flicks. My favorite is temple of doom but that may be due to sentimental reasons, since it was the first one I saw.

I don't have much to say these days, my affect has been rather flat. The main thing that's been gnawing at me has been this corporate censorship of people, that if you say something that's out of step with the PC "truth" you get nailed, even though anyone who has more than a pound of grey matter in their head knows that the PC line is no more based in fact or reason than North Koreans' "love" of their "great leader" the Elvis worshipping meglomaniacal turd named Kim. It's puzzling that someone can actually say on the one hand "Minorities and women are capable and competent" and on the other hand "If they hear something negative said about them they collapse into the fetal position and cry so we can't have any discussion of the TRUTHS!" but then again most Dogma is puzzling if you try and look at it.

I feel rudderless. I've learned ways to keep my mood up (Singing the Indiana Jones main theme over and over is pretty effective) but I don't know what's going on at the moment. I feel so detached and out of it.

Oh well I have a mid-term soon, should study for that. Ugh maybe I'm just tired of college and need a change. I was happier over the summer I think.
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