Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

What if you won a world championship and nobody cared?

The number of people who are glad the Marlins won is not even close to the number who are glad the yankees lost. Personally I was rather unaffected except I felt a little bad for Professor Robinson who is such a Yankees fan and whose midterm I am studying for. On the other hand it's not like Professor Robinson, who is in his 60's, never got to see his beloved Yankees win a championship or fifteen, and even if he only has a decade or two of life left he will probably get to see them win one again, so I'm not exactly shedding tears.

Anyway the Marlins were a nice young team with some good stories (Old trader Jack came back and won a championship, Ivan Rodriguez was discarded and unwanted and ended up making a huge difference in the series. Still nobody cared about them and that just makes the win uninteresting. I don't know, I guess my sports interest has been fading. That's probably a good thing.
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