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I'm on a Mexican Radio

I stayed up until 4 AM last night for no reason and on a school night. Finished reading the chronicles of Gord the gamestore owner and don't really regret it despite by current headache and lack of attentional abilities.

Continuing my nostalgia for the 80's I've got my Activision Collection playing in the background and I've been fooling around with old Atari games. It's strange that I have such a connection for a period that, while I technically lived through, I don't remember at all. I mean I have some memories of the 80's, but only the later parts of the decade. Certainly nothing from '83. I never even had an Atari, although my friend Malik who'se parents didn't love videogames had one so I can at least say that I played it with SOME regularity during my childhood, though he mostly only liked Pole Position and Dig Dug.

I remain convinced that the 80's marked the end of sincerity.

I'm getting lonely again. It comes and goes with me but now that college is ending and I've made like a grand total of one friend I am starting to feel it again. I'm not sure why it's worked out this way, I guess it's just that I have little interest in socializing and no interest in partying, not to mention that I live off campus. Maybe I'm just annoying and corny like I've been told so many times. It'll pass in time but it's annoying. I should get back into a bunch of different activities I used to do but the truth of the matter is that I just am not interested in much in the way of city stuff. I think I really am done living in an Urban area, at least for awhile, after I finish college.
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