Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

Don't want no short short men.

Ugh. I have three 10 or so page essays due on Thursday/Friday which I haven't started, I don't know where my graduation papers are even though they are due on Monday (I really don't WANT to hand them in to be honest because I'm not so keen on graduating, rather take the summer to do easy shit and then start work in the fall) and I'm feeling sick, I even vomited this morning.

Just a shitty shitty time to be me. Oh well. At least sleep still likes me. And I'm more than 9 hours into FF X which is a much better game than I thought.

P.S. Bad Santa made me feel good for like 24 hours. HILARIOUS movie that I'm incredibly glad I saw. Can't wait for the DVD.
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