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I'm through with screaming.

I wrote a first draft of one of the papers last night then gave up and went to sleep. That leaves me with under 8 hours to get a first draft of the other one done and then edit and add quotations to them both. I am unsure if this is possible but I might as well try.

I care so little at this point that it's not even funny. I'm not even sure it's deep depression because there's definitely stuff I do want to do, like finish Final Fantasy X and get some scriptwriting software, so the disinterest is localized towards school. The only class that I found even remotely interesting this week was my History of Psychology class, and that was pretty good. I'm really looking forward to working with Professor Robinson next semester too.

I was pretty harsh towards my America and the Muslim world TA in the evaluation. She talked for 79% of the "discussion sections" though so she deserved it. If it was supposed to be Lecture II they'd call it "extra lecture" and it'd be a four point class.

This winter break better give me a chance to relax or I don't know how I'm going to break on through to the other side.

I'm alright though. Not caring about school may be a good thing. I've been thinking I might be breaking free from the tyranny of grades and external evaluation and starting to define myself in my own terms. That'd be a positive development that would explain why I don't care about these silly papers which do nothing but show that I can jump through academic hoops and use proper citation.
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