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They caught Saddam and I don't really care. I mean yes he was a vicious dictator but by the time they finally captured him he was pretty much an old guy in a hole. You can capture a similar guy down in the abandoned subway station in the park near where I live, yet there would be no worldwide media blitz for him.

It's not that I don't think Saddam should be brought to justice for what he did, it's just that being so concerned about catching him seems backwards thinking to me. Take the focus off Saddam, put it on the future of Iraq and the unspoken elephant of the Middle East in general. Yeah people are saying Saddam was somehow leading the resistance but I don't necessarily think that seems too likely, not that I would have any way of knowing.

This is also terrible in that it might be the final nail in the democratic coffin this campaign season. The problem with harping on "you didn't find Saddam!" for so long is that when Bush DOES find Saddam it becomes a monumental event and makes him seem like a great leader. You found a man in a hole after 9 months. Congratulations.

As for anyone interested in me for me, I've been doing okay. School has been going...poorly I think but then again I'm usually wrong. All my assignments somehow got done. I've been sick. I finished Final Fantasy X and have been playing Disgaea which is a much more clever and amusing game. Saw a TERRIBLE play about a women's prison with a stripsearch that left the subject in everything but her coat the other day. I think it's a well disguised secret that 'cultured' men don't like plays about two women talking about their emotions any more than normal men. It's astoundingly boring. Give me a gunfight or at LEAST some Heroin.

I have tests coming up this week. Not sure how well prepared I am. Not very I'd guess. Oh well. Just waiting for the semester to end. Still depressed. Complete sentences have deserted me.
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