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One thing I definitely agree with the conservatives on is that this country is being over-regulated. The recent decision by the Supreme Court on the campaign finance laws is probably a bad one. Restricting political speech, be it commercial or obnoxious or whatever, is generally a very bad idea. Yeah the adds were generally conservative groups bashing democrats and yeah this explains some of the conservative irritation at the law's being upheld, but that doesn't mean there's no point there. People get so caught up in campaign spending that they fail to recognize that the right to spend money on campaigns is meaningless if the population chooses to vote another way. By accepting that we need limits we are de facto stating that we don't trust the public to make these sorts of decisions, or to be more blunt that the people in government don't trust US the public. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! That's not a good idea to have codified in law in a democracy. In fact it's a bad one. Let's leave that stuff for backwater dictatorships like Canada

The courts deciding on gay marriage in massivetwoshits is also, in my correct opinion, a bad thing. I'm all for homos having the right to get the state seal of approval on their humping, but it needs to be an act of legislation not judicial decree. Any reasonable person knows that the constitution does not give Billy the right to demand that he have state approval in his partnership with Matthew (they're both cheating with Steven anyway) heck I don't even think they have a constitutional right to be able to have sex. Just because our legislatures are bass ackwards and full of moronic shitbags doesn't mean that the judiciary should step in, or should be able to step in, in these cases. They might be making the right decisions now but there's no guarantee that will continue and once they have the power.


I might often get the urge to take a shovel and smash Tom Delay in the face with it because he's an evil evil man, as most politicians and especially lying decieving satan worshipping big business loving aristocratic republicans, are but that doesn't mean I want a judge stepping in and making decisions for me because when HE turns corrupt and evil nobody can vote him out of office. As a side note would anybody really be surprised to learn that Bush and his cronies were Satan worshippers at this point? Seriously. They hand over the country's coffers to Haliburton, start wars that kill thousands, and Dick Cheney is going to the supreme court to protect his right not to have the public know what he was doing in office. Can you get more obviously evil? It seems that as long as they flash the cross occasionally and decry the evil of people who want to have sex with their lovers that they get a free pass for all sorts of other evil. I thought Christians were supposed to know about the whole prince of lies thing. Guess not. Of course most Christians are lying hypocrits too (owing partially to the impossible standard set forth in their li'l book) so maybe they just assume it's par for the course.

Sorry, didn't mean to get sidetracked there it's just that I'm routinely shocked at how the news reports on all this stuff and yet the sheep keep chewing their cud in disiniterest. Yet capture an old guy in a hole and it's PARTY TIME! Cheney, pawn of satan (who I don't really believe in mind you, I'm just not sure what the non-supernatural motivations for this evil are), refuses to allow us to see what he's up to in office and it's 'eh'. Old guy in a hole (admitidly really really EVIL old guy, but at this point rather impotent) gets captured? PARTY!


Back to regulations. There should be less of them. I'm beginning to be convinced that prescription drugs should no longer require prescriptions. Maybe some of the big ones, like Morphine, but Pennicillan? Yeah there's the worry that people will overuse it and breed germs that are resistant but that already happens and most people who want it will get a prescription for it. All the regulation does is slow shit down. Likewise Oxycontin and other powerful painkillers that are not Morphine. People get them anyway, and with no lack of corrupt doctors out there they get them semi-legally. Sure make driving or operating heavy machinery on them illegal but beyond that?

While we're at it let's make it easier for employers to test their employees. People say it's a violation of privacy but I want to ask what insane version of privacy gives you the right to hide your illicit drug use at work from your employer? Naturally it would have to be in the contract, but having a little blood drawn every six months is no great shakes and we COULD regulate the testing labs to avoid them doing things like screening for pregnant women or keeping DNA profiles.

Oh and let's get some tort reform done while we're at it. Some kid points his fingers at another kid like a gun and goes bang? DEAL with it you fucking pansies. Some kid draws a picture of the school blowing up? Have you EVER read Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip the boarders on great literary achievement?

Of course what really gets my goat is that while our government is busy regulating the hell out of everything we might ever want to do, when all that's really needed are like 100 strict laws and strict contract enforcement, they're letting corporations get away with murder, sometimes literally. It's one of the great mysteries of the world that corporations can use money to buy our votes and then trade those votes for favors. Why aren't we smart enough to trade our votes for what WE want? I mean we do sometimes but usually the things we demand are kinda lame or unimportant or would be necessary anyway.

How much more evil can you get than regulating the people while you obey the will of the aristocrats?

Welcome to America.

I could have been studying instead of writing this but damn it I'm pissed.

And yes I do realize that things are much more complicated than what I've said here and that there is some good stuff going on but there's a whole lot of bad shit happening.
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