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Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me.

I still don't enjoy birthdays. I'm not sure if it's just my discomfort with rituals or the fact that I don't really have anyone special to share it with (I have friends but friends on your birthday is only fun in large numbers and I don't like being around large numbers of anyone.) Getting stuff longer a thrill. I'm probably spoiled because I spend so much money on crap anyway. Maybe I'm just too old for gifts.

22 years old. I read an article in the times today about how kids are living with parents longer and longer these days. Sucks to be us I guess.

Saw Eight Crazy Nights off the new digital cable and it made me cry. How come bad movies can INTENTIONALLY play on your emotions and STILL wring tears out of you? That's just not playing fair. I don't cry at movies often but that song in the mall...well...let's just say that had there been any fires around we wouldn't have had to call 9-1-1.

School is over, but grades have yet to come in despite promises to the contrary. Professors like to lie about when they'll get stuff done.

I had other stuff to say but not today.

Hope you got a chance to see Brett Favre channel all his emotion and pain over his father dying into an incredible first half of football against the Raiders. Just astounding. Unbelievable. 311 yards and 4 TDs in a single half. The guy IS a freaking football god.
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