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Have you gone crazy? Walk in the grass in my bare feet?!

I've been very tired recently, I think it's just the release of stress after finishing school but it could be something else. When I say tired I mean TIRED. Like I wake up at 9:00 AM and am ready for a nap by 4:00 PM.

Been watching some movies and such too, since I haven't had much energy. Saw Ghost World, which I had no desire to see before I saw Bad Santa but since that movie was so very good I figured I'd give the director's other work a try. It was about what I thought it'd be. It wasn't that I hated it was just boring and uninteresting. I can never get into that kind of thing when there are female leads. First of all they are almost always complete cunts, as these characters were (they drew the entirety of their world beliefs from what they didn't like, while utterly lacking in interests themselves). Of course Diana told me that Scarlet Johansen is an asshole in real life, so I guess that provided a degree of prejudice to begin with. The best parts of the movies were when Steve Buscemi was on screen. He has more presence than either Thora Birch (who was certainly the more interesting and bearable of the two) or Johansen, and his character may have been a huge dork but at least he had something he really cared about. Frankly I think the film might have been better if it had focused on Buscemi's world and how Birch's character's entrance into it effects him. They had good chemistry and worked well together, but snippets of Seymour (Buscemi's character) at work were much more powerful than an inane subplot about an activist summer school art teacher.

I don't know, I've just never been able to really get into stuff with female leads. They're so...boring and inane for the most part. It's partially a flaw in the way that Hollywood portrays women and partially the kinds of films female audiences are attracted to. This movie was plagued by neither issue though. I just couldn't care about a couple of girls who got their jollies by tormenting an apparently harmless clerk at a convenience store and setting up lonely men for bitter romantic disapointment. One thing that was pretty good about the movie was the way the wardrobe accentuated Johansens and Birch's breasts though. I don't usually notice such stuff but there were many very well chosen sweaters that showed off spectacular racks without being overly tight or slutty. With the inane dialogue of the film there was also plenty of time for learing.

I also saw Analyze That. What a disaster. How they managed to wring two terrible performances out of Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro I do not know. Add to the mix a talented director like Harold Ramis and it's just incredible what a boring unfunny movie was produced. Maybe the material wasn't right for a sequel but I think it's more the direction they chose to go. Regardless while Ghost World is probably worth seeing for some of the aspects and some excellent direction Analyze That is a diasaster.

I wasn't intending just to write movie impressions but most of the other stuff I might as well save for later. I was going to talk about how I appear to be getting all A-s this semester (well I might do worse in my history class, the only one that hasn't come in yet) and how odd it is. I know I didn't put a lot of effort in, and this is damaging my GPA, but on the other hand virtually zero effort is only one notch above what can be achieved with full effort? What kind of sick grading system has only two options, Excellent or Very Good. It's like the TA evaluation form I got where the lowest rank was fair. Orwellian Academia keeps going further every day.

I better not divulge anymore. What with us being on Orange Alert and all who knows whose out there watching. I think that the color scheme just gets more and more hilarious the more you think about it. Frankly the threat of terrorist attack is always pretty fucking high and if our best protection is a little color scale manned by the numbskulls who thought Iraq was an imminent threat we better write our wills NOW.
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