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I love your body sometimes

Christmas was supposed to be about the Lord of the Rings this year, but instead of sitting down and watching the movies for 6+ hours straight I accidentily started doing productive things. I've been cataloging my videogame collection online for both insurance and informational purposes, and it's taken several hours. I have not finished yet but it can be found here and I will keep updating until I'm done.

I also got a workout in on Dance Dance Revolution, a videogame that combines three of my hobbies in dancing, videogaming for a high score, and aerobics. Okay so I like videogaming for a high score, the other two not so much. However DDR (as the kids are calling it, you know those kids and their penchant for acronyms. Oh those kids, they do love the A.) manages to combine something I enjoy with two things I hate and actually end up being pretty fun. I think it's that instead of concentrating on looking good or buning calories, two things I'm not great on, you focus on keeping a combo going and trying to get high ranks on the songs. Since I do that in non-exercise games I can trick my mood into thinking I'm gaming instead of working out and I have a good time. Plus the combination of repeating songs over and over along with dance steps allows for both subjective time compression (when I do something for the first time it seems to take forever, then less and less as I repeat it over and over) and automatic sight to movement action which allows me to concentrate on other things instead of the dancing. Indeed I have been able to fantasize through several of the songs which makes them pass in no time at all. My achilles heel in the game is the jumps, other than the double side jumps. Basically various steps require you to place your feet on two different parts of the pad at the same time which forces you to jump and land both accurately and in time to the music. I can do this when the directions are left and right, but for other jumps I either miss the proper spaces or I can't get it off ryhmically. This is especially problematic when it calls for a jump that involves the space behind me because my accuracy with that one is already less than with the other parts, and the jump makes it really tough. I'm trying to improve though. I did manage to combo (getting either perfect or great on consecutive steps) through the entirety of Boom Boom Dollar though, so that gave me a feeling of accomplishment not to mention a double A ranking. A small feat for sure, but I'm a fat white boy with no rythm and damn it I'll take what I can get!

The only worry I have is that all the dancing will transform me into a dreaded metrosexual, but dancing is actually not so bad when you take it out of the context of trying to impress women or feeling Karim's gentle embrace. I see it as getting down a certain base of rythm and timing for my oft planned and even more oft delayed re-entry into martial arts. Yeah...umm..dancing around like an idiot is all about preparing to learn to kick ass! Totally!

Hey! I stop believing in Santa awhile ago, you gotta give me ONE Christmas delusion!

Adding to this is the fact that the announcer is super gay. Now I have no particular problem with super gay people, but I wish he'd stop hitting on me while I dance. I mean I select a female character (I'm not watching a man dance on screen while I dance too!!!) but he still calls me man and dude, and then he makes all sorts of romantic overtures and compliments. He's as fruity as a Carmen Miranda headpiece I tell ya!

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Now back to the work of cataloging many many wasted dollars in videogame software. I guess I could call it counting my blessings. That's a christmasy sentiment.
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