Here there be monsters (socratic) wrote,
Here there be monsters

I finished cataloging my console games, at least the ones I could find. There are more here somewhere.

That reminds me, my doorman is a sneaky guy. I locked myself out yesterday and not only did he demand an iced tea in exchange for letting me into the house but he maneuvered in through the open door and in to my games room to demand I lend him a game for his son. Before he'd asked me to outright give him one! I am a COLLECTOR! These are to me what stamps or figurines or whatever are to other people. I don't want an 11 year old getting fingerprints all over them and I CERTAINLY don't want to GIVE THEM AWAY! I lent him one of the easily replaceable ones and he said he'd bring it back next week and take another one there. Frankly I find it kind of inappropriate that he would demand such tribute just for doing his job (letting tenants who are locked out into their apartments IS his job. It's not like I asked him to buy me drugs.) I feel taken advantage of but I'm not sure what to do since he's worked here for years and likely will for years more. I can appease him with the cheap games only for so long and I really really really don't want to be lending out the ones that are rare or in some cases virtually irreplaceable.

Any suggestions?
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