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It's their strategery and I'll tell you what it is.

I realize that with all the hubub around the holiday season and whatnot I haven't taken time out to be outraged about the French. This is a greivious mistake on my part and one I intend to correct. Frankly unless you're Rush Limbaugh and it's your job to be outraged 3 hours a day it's hard to find the time to be outraged about everything that's outrageous. Of course he fritters away his precious outrage time on things like gay people getting married or whatnot rather than starving children and U.S. collaboration with dictators (see Qaddafi) but that's his choice.

Anyway. The French. Recently president Jaques "I've got almost nothing in my Jock" Chi"doesn't"raq has been trying to pass a law banning all religious symbols from being worn by students in schools. Apparently this is an attempt to put a bandaid on the gaping wound of Muslim immigration (or so someone said) but don't they realize what a fundemental violation of freedom it is? It's kind of funny and sad that the French can complain about anti-semitism in Europe and then ban the wearing of skullcaps in the schools. And by funny I mean pathetically sad.

The worst thing about the French (and there is a ton of competition here) is their love of inflicting their ideals and ideas upon others. It's been said that this is the worst thing about Americans too, but far be it from me to argue that that's not accurate as well.

The thing is that whoever came up with the idea that every LITTLE issue needs to be legislated or ruled on needs to be taken immediately out of government, and given pens with ink that turns invisible because they are RETARDS! We don't need laws or rules for the vast majority of things. If it can be said of conservatives and prudes that their greatest fear is that somewhere someone might be having fun then it can be said of the modern liberal that their greatest fear is that somewhere someone might actually be dealing with a problem without the help of a vast, oppressive, and wasteful bureaucracy. People who can't deal with Christmas displays on public land should be hit in the head with shovels so they can have something real to complain about. Seriously, "oh my religious freedoms are being violated by walking near a manger scene even though most people like it."


"Now whine about that you useless shit."

I am basically only not a leftist because of all the minor crap they choose to do battle over. Making the world bland through wasteful bureaucacy is not a worthwhile goal. Frat boys build an ice penis on campus while drunk? That's just funny. Women who can't deal with it are precisely the type of women who should go back into the kitchen and take their damned shoes off. These are the same women who happily post reams of posters promoting the vagina monologues and all sorts of other similar stuff, but Oh My God a Penis made of snow? RUN TO MOMMY! My basic view on these things is that any law that doesn't protect someone's physical well-being or freedom is a law that needs to be carefully considered and weighed against the damage it will do. I support anti-discrimination laws but very warily. I support rulings that state that a boss cannot use a racial epithet in reference to an employee without punishment, but only barely. I support sexual harassement laws only as regards positive harassement, or clearly intended directed comments that are either vulgar or have been protested against in the past. Posting a lewd joke on a cubical wall is not sexual harassement, it's self expression. Even calling a woman honey can be considered a term of affection by older men, and while it must decist if the recipient does not want it it does not in and of itself constitute sexual harassement in my view. Hostile work environment has been so overinterpreted that it's moronic. The judges who make these decisions should be chucked out of office and forced to deal with the real world where such issues are incredibly minor for the vast majority of reasonable people, and our laws shouldn't cater to the unreasonable or the chronically offended.

Of course that's not to say I'm against all regulations or enforcements. Recently in the NY Times there was a series of articles about how companies flout safety regulations, kill employees, and get off with minor fines. This makes me utterly sick. The way that our government favors business over workers is digusting to a point even beyond the stupid bureaucracy of the liberal femicrats. Business people who put money over safety of workers deserve to be treated like the murderers they are. Government fat cats who support them for campaign money or even just social reasons should go to jail right along with them. I'm not talking weenie jail either, I'm talking the deepest dankest holes in our worst prisons. We should demand a higher standard of behavior from our elites, and we should god damn ENFORCE it on them when they behave like the pure evil so many of them seem to be.

I'm angry at both sides right now because they are both behaving like fucking children and morons. Smart people are cast aside if they don't adhere to one of the moronic ideologies while incomptents and shitheads are promoted and given praise for parotting the stupidity of others.

My outrage cannot be contained.

Two other things:

It's funny how important friction is to holding things. We don't think about it but basically when you grip something what you're doing is increasing friction and using it to counteract the forces of gravity, wind, or whatever else (this doesn't apply when you hold something on the palm of your hand of course.) That strikes me as very interesting.

It's hilarious that Rush Limbaugh is now using the term strategry, which Will Ferrel coined while mocking Bush. That's almost as cool as Ahnold wanting to Pump Up Sacramento.
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