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Better Run through the Jungle

I haven't posted in awhile because first my computer broke (it was since fixed by Greyhk ) on New Years eve and since then I've been half busy and fully lazy.

The biggest developments in my world over the past couple of weeks are that I ordered all the parts for a new computer, which have started trickling in, and I was selected for a jury during jury duty. Already the weirdness of my life has shone through in my experience. For example we've already lost both alternate jurors, one was practically led off in chains for contempt of court (an exageration) after he told the judge he wouldn't follow his instructions. For another example the defense attourney is apparently a postmodernist and has blended it into her argument style. She also didn't ask me any questions during jury selection, even though she spent quite a bit of time questioning people who it was pretty obvious she should have disqualified right off the bat. I can't discuss specifics of the case obviously, but I probably will post something about it after it's over and becomes public record.

I tried to join a weightloss program to drop some pounds, but I think they rejected me because I said I didn't want to be condescended to or treated like I was watching sesame street. Somehow I find that incredibly discouraging from more perspectives than I can count.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Underground does not live up to the series wonderful pedigree. Look, if you EVER write anything story-related professionally you need to understand the importance of character. If your villain has no motivation then he isn't particularly interesting. Also the best-friend turns into bitter rival story is not an automatic hit and in fact makes no sense when combined with the senseless villain. Why were you friends with this jerk-off to start with?
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