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The difference between what you need and what you want to be.

First things first. One year ago during the superbowl my friend Aaron lost a bet to me about who would win (I picked the Bucs) and the deal was he was to write a poem in praise of me if he lost. Although I absolved him of that responsibility, he decided to do it anyway just now and sent me a copy. As per our agreement I am now posting it in my journal.

Ben picked Pats and Bucs
I went for Rams and Raiders
Hence, the haughtiness.

Ben: “I told you so,
Aaron, in football and re:
High school prom as well”

Ben is so learned,
He can even distinguish
A stair from a step.

During Cats’ upset,
He-An shocked at what he sees:
“I-bankers are crooks?”

Super bowl party?
Requires making new friends.
Warcraft Party? Sure.

Then: Joe Montana,
Simms, Aikman, Favre, and Elway;
Now: Forward Fumbler.

Patriots’ strong D
Wins them the game. Spread seven?
New England by eight.

I will answer any questions about the poem. Stay tuned for news of this year's bet.

I am applying to join Teach for America. I'll probably be rejected because I'm a dweeb and I care more about teaching than joining any sort of "movement" but I might as well give it a shot. Of course I'm probably already screwed because I asked professor Johnston for a recomendation and sent him the paper I wrote for him two years ago. The thing is that the only version I have left is the "sample copy" he sent to the class so I don't know if he'll believe I was the actual author, though I was. We'll see, there are some other people I can ask if I have to but he would be the best for this particular scenario.

Classes are going okay. I have 18 credits right now, which is fine but I'll probably drop a class. I'm thinking of pass/failing my history class because the professor is great but I don't want the stress.

My independent study is...well...I need to catch up some on it. I've done a fair amount of thinking but now I need to do some READING and quickly. I think it'll be okay though, I'm starting to finish things up and get into a rythm so that'll be cool.

My film class is interesting and I'm actually learning some important stuff, except that there's this girl in the class who's just incredible looking. I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to her, she just has that rare something that totally blows me away. When I say rare I mean I encounter women with it maybe once every two or three years. Long dirty blonde hair, a freckled face with no makeup, loose casual clothes, and just this THING about her. She's in my discussion section where she was part of the first filmed exercise so I had to look at her, and then she sat in front of me for 3.5 hours during the main class. I spent the time sitting behind her listening to her laugh, feeling her soft, gorgeous hair brush against my hands while I took notes, seeing her notes and doodles when she lifted them up into my eye frame and watching her stretch from time to time, all the while trying desperately to focus on the screen and not have any inappropriate or impure thoughts. It was equisite torture of the sort that hermits NEVER have to endure.

I hope I never see her again.

In other news my new computer is really fun. I like having some actual horsepower and booting up in under 20 minutes. So coo'

More later maybe. I'm losing my train of thought.
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