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Here's a truck stop instead of Saint Peter. Mr. Andy Kaufman's gone wrestling.

Well my paranoia was unfounded. Professor Johnston remembered me so there turned out to be no issue with my using that version of the paper and he offered not only a reference but a recomendation letter if I wanted one.

I may have made a mistake in selecting my seminar. I picked one over the other because the professor was heavily recommended by another professor, but now that I think about it the second seminar would have been a poli-sci psychology blend which might have been an ideal way to integrate my majors. Too late now, but I should have been more careful. I just have too much going on at present.

My Strength Training coach is a sadist. That is all on that.

Not eating carbohydrates has definitely made a large difference in how I feel. My somewhat common morning headaches, and a bunch of other maladies are pretty much things of the past. I am also finding myself much more able to get out of the house on time, confront mild irritatns and the like in my way, and even do a little work than I was until recently. Food really can be a drug, not just in the positive sense but in the annoying side effect thing.

I finally got around to rebuying Automatic for the People. Possibly the greatest album known to man or womankind. Andy Kaufman is underrated to the extreme.

Firefly was a pretty good show. I would recommend the DVD set to people who enjoy something different and interesting in TV. That means NOT to middle America. I'm not Joss Whedon junkie but Firefly was a damned fine show.

Not really anything more to say at the moment. Well there's some stuff mulling around but it isn't ready to be spilled forth on to the page yet. I'll probably post more now, since I have more energy and focus than I used to. Be prepared if you will.
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