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I can hold my head still with my hands and my knees

This is another random observations entry. You are warned.

Man was I sore today. I have upgraded my strength training coach from Sadist to the Eichler scale. He now has one half Eichler. Ironically Mrs. Eichler herself has three Eichlers. Hitler had 6 and Stalin 5 and a half.

There's a bunch of stuff going on that's pretty sad right now. For example, in Georgia they are trying to get the word "evolution" removed from the science cirriculum and replace it with "biological changes over time" because they are a bunch of backward hicks. I try to be tolerant of religion and the religious, and I don't judge anyone for whatever beliefs they want to have, but this kind of imposition of these beliefs in our schools is just pathetic. The funny part is the people who argue that we shouldn't include evolution because there's no "proof" of it, by which they mean we've never actually seen major evolutionary shifts since the popularization of the theory in the 19th century. Of course there's also no "proof" that the Romans ever existed, has anyone ever SEEN a live ancient Roman? They further disprove evolution by using a 6,000 year old book (the second edition is only 2000 years old) which they take on blind faith.

Sometimes it's tough to be tolerant of people who appear to happily cling to myths and sillyness that a precocious fifth grader can deduce are fatally flawed if they haven't been brainwashed before their age hit double digits. This sort of thing makes me wonder about democratic influence on school cirricula. Why do we allow a bunch of people who are barely educated themselves to decide how the future generation should be educated? 90 percent of the time the response is "DUMB IT DOWN!"

When you buy a cold drink it's remarkable how much you're paying just for the cooling. It's a good margain I'd imagine.

Half Life is actually a much more entertaining game than I initially thought. Way to

There was something else I wanted to write about but it escapes my pain addled mind. I'll probably edit it in later. Of course without it this entry has no point, but such is life.
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