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I am ill.

I watched the director's commentary to the Family Man and I must say that after hearing the writers and director talk, I now understand why the inconsistancies that were in the film were there. They just weren't that smart or interesting. Oh well.

Everything still reminds me of that girl. It's not fair. It's simply not fair.

My mother wasn't too hurt by my words, she just responded with a disjointed wierdness and denial. Oh well. I still have 10 days of life left. What should I do with them?

So sick.

*sigh* I want to read but I can't. I fought with my shrink yesterday but I wasn't angry enough to hurt him so I just picked him up a couple times. He took it for weakness. If you start something I guess you should finish it. I'm gonna go buy a pair of Brass Knuckles for next time.
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