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Standing there in your Jesus Christ pose, arms outstretched like it's the coming of the lord.

You know, I understand some of the arguments against homosexual marriage, like those that focus on tradition or just the nature of nomenclature (it is acceptable in my opinion to limit the word marriage to heterosexuals just like it's acceptable to limit sexual intercourse to vaginal penetration by a penis.) Even those centered around adoption make sense to me, since I do believe that all things being equal, a child is better served by having both a mother and a father, present in the same home (of course the problem here is that so many children don't get adopted as is that there are plenty of kids who heterosexuals don't want who would be far better served in homosexual households than in foster homes or orphanages.)

The arguments that confuse my supposedly smart self are those that state that allowing this type of marriage is tantamount to telling children to become homosexuals, and that it will have a dentrimental effect on heterosexual marriage. In whose fantasy world? Nobody except total lunatics is suggesting the banning of heterosexual marriage and who exactly is going to go out and marry another man instead of a woman just because they can? If someone is a homosexual then presumably he's not going to want to marry along heterosexual lines and if he does it's only due to social pressure and is likely to be a disaster. If someone's a heterosexual then they won't engage in homosexual marriage anyway. Perhaps there's a few bisexuals who will select a same sex relationship over an opposite sex one due to this shift in the law, but very few since most marriages grow out of other types of sexual relationships these days. I doubt that many people will start dating homosexuals just because they CAN marry them now.

Then there's the weird argument that this leaves the door open for polygamy and marriage to children. Well first of all marriage to children, at least teens, is allowed in parts of the backwards south. There is a huge difference in allowing adults to marry eachother and allowing adults to marry children. As for polygamy, well I guess the door is left open to that particular practice but so what? Most people aren't going to go out and become polygamists and those who are generally are practicing it anyway in secret in Utah. Some say polygamy leads to the marriage of womenchildren to older men, but that is handled through age restrictions. If an 18 year old wants to marry a 60 year old who already has 3 other be it. Under current laws she could sleep with him anyway and ultimately it's just a lifestyle choice. The children of these unions are in an un-ideal situation, but millions of children are in an non-ideal situation in the United States anyway, what with divorce, out of wedlock births, fathers in jail or dead from gangs and drugs etc...

Another perplexing issue, at least for me, is abstinance education. Does anyone without a massive head wound to take care of think that this is actually going to work? It's like "sky is tope" education as far as I'm concerned, sillyness that flies directly in the face of what can be easily observed. Those kids who want to abstain from sex for whatever reason (religious, moral, practical, etc...) will do so as will those who can't get any. Johnny Cool isn't going to be convinced that 50 Cent and The Real World are bullshit just because his dorky teacher tells him not to have sex. As far as Johnny's concerned that teacher couldn't get laid if he walked into a brothel wearing a suit made of money. Also safe-sex education doesn't mean that teachers won't promote abstinance as the ideal choice anyway. That's what they did in my school and many of us were dorky enough to get out of highschool without having sex!

These things concern me because I am trying to become a teacher at least temporarily and may very well have to deal with some of this stuff in the near future. I think I'd present these types of issues with more conservativism than given in the syllabi which are often just political indoctrination cirricula but I couldn't side against such practical and reasonable concepts as teaching about condom usage or that homosexual marriage is probably not going to be the end of western civilization.

Sometimes I wonder if there isn't actually a vast conservative conspiracy since so many seemingly smart and reasonable people say such stupid things in unison, like they get their marching orders from a bunch of prudish business leaders who want to make sure the masses go to church and take their opiates so they don't see the flim flammery that's happening. Maybe I'm just not as smart as I think I am and other things they say, like that environmental restrictions need to be balanced out to meet housing needs or that affirmative action programs often lead to government reliance and just perpetuate the need for more special treatment, don't make sense either and I'm not figuring out why.
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