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Thinking's just too much to ask

There's this little movie I caught on showtime called "So Many Women, So Little Hair" which just rubbed me the wrong way. It's about this 37 year old comedian who hits on beautiful women non-stop and is filmed by hidden cameras while he does it. While it seems like a somewhat amusing premise I have a problem with his policy of going after only gorgeous random women with little to no interest in anything else about them (he doesn't even check for a wedding ring, for example.) Look, beautiful women are great, one of the best things in the world really, but they're not fish swimming around in a lake just there to be lured in and plucked from their environment so you can enjoy their tender meat. At one point in the film he says "I'm not ageist at all" and yet he never goes after a women older than 35. I find it really sketchy when guys just hit on women for purely physical reasons (with the exception of situations like bars, where women go so they CAN be hit on) for a variety of reasons. First of all it reinforces the stereotypical male-female relationship where a male trades his intellect and/or success for a female's nubile young body, which is not fair to anyone in the long run. Secondly it leads to a lot of the social issues that women have to deal with on a regular basis, such as being unable to find an age appropriate mate after awhile, beautiful women being both harassed on a regular basis AND developing feelings of entitlement and superiority because of it, and all that body image/plastic surgery bullshit that is discussed Ad Naseum. It also is just a bad idea because if you are successful at reeling in a beautiful woman there's no guarantee that you will be compatible in other ways with her.

The guy was fairly harmless and the little movie MAY have been a parody or satire of the tendancy of balding middle aged men to hit on 19 year olds (if so it was very subtle) but it still rubbed me the wrong way. Part of it may have been that the guy reminded me of myself (He went to Columbia, was Jewish, majored in psychology but then became a comedian/filmmaker) but as a scuzzy loser. Anyway the whole thing left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.

The opposite taste was left by Tim Burton's brilliant "Mars Attacks" I saw it in theatres but it is a fucking hilarious movie. I wish there was a good DVD of it but I may have to go for the bare bones version because it is one of those movies that gets better the more you watch it. The Tom Jones scene is sublime and may be the funniest bit Burton has ever done.

Oh and today was kind of lame. I went to go get my recomendation from Adrienne but it wasn't ready yet and I ran into my old boss who I hate. She said how are you doing to me, I asked her the same and she didn't reply. Also I missed most of my discussion section because the train went from 96 straight to 145 with no warning until AFTER it had left 96th street. Sometimes the New York transit system sucks big time. The TA was NOT sympathetic to my plight. Oh well.

I NEED to get my Teach for America Application done. Starting it tonight. Wish me luck.
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