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When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun

Yesterday was Valentine's day. My friend Aaron came over and we hung out, neither of us having significant others at this point it seemed like a thing to do, though Aaron later would declare it the single worst Valentine's day of his life. We spent awhile talking about random stuff and then we went out for Indian food. That's where the oddness started.

First of all our topic of discussion, the Atkins diet in an Indian restaurant, was BLATENTLY hijacked by the people sitting at the table behind me. I felt a little violated having our topic stolen like that.

Secondly, after we finished out meal (Tandori shrimp for me, delicious Indian Breads which I can't have and something curryish with rice for Aaron) the waiter took it upon himself to bring us three little chocolate hearts, two wrapped in red foil and one in pink. This was problematic for a variety of reasons, primarily because we were NOT on a date (and this was obvious. We sat on opposite sides of the table, did not speak in low or sweet voices, imbibed no alcohol, and any glances made were NOT furtive in the least!) yet recieved romantic candies anyway. Perhaps the waiter was working with that gay recruiter who was after me earlier, but I think she's backed off so he must be an independent agent. I was flattered that he thought I could land a catch like Aaron though.

The more vexing problem was why we were being given 3 chocolates. There were two of us, and the waiter presumably did not know that I don't eat carbohydrates and thus could not have any of the candy. This means that he would have expected us to divide the candy up between us, but how? One could suggest that we break a heart in two, but on Valentine's day that seems a rather crude gesture. In a heterosexual relationship presumably the woman would recieve the two hearts, if not all three, but that wouldn't be fair either. The man pays for the meal AND only gets one of the hearts? If she takes all three hearts is she obligated to give him sex at the end of the evening? If not how can he not feel resentful? Furthermore how can you divide up 2 red candy hearts and one pink? Does the pink go to the person who only gets one? If so what if it tastes worst than the reds? Aaron and I had a 15 minute conversation about just these issues, resembling the sorts of conversation that Larry David has on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then we watched Curb Your Enthusiasm.

I've been playing Karaoke revolution recently and it's pretty fun. I sing to myself all the time anyway, might as well get ranked on it. I was glad to know that many of my favorite songs were on them and I did excellently on them. I was horrified to do as well as I did on "Girls just wanna have fun." though. What up with that?

I submitted my Teach For America form. I think it was pretty decent except that I focused too much on the medical leave I took from Columbia. Hopefully my GPA and pedigree will get me an interview though. We'll see.

The copy of "A Few Good Men" that ABC is running right now is obviously VHS quality. WTF up with that?
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