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Then Sergeant Steve would sing a song of victory, wipe some snot off on his sleeve, then say goodbye

I was in a good mood today until I saw a pigeon's spine lying on the asphault of the road with scraps flesh and feathers matted into the asphault. I have to say that other than a certain issue that I may have subtely hinted at previously in the journal, my mood has been excellent recently. It's unusual for me to feel so...satiated in life and I'm not sure why it is. Part of me worries that it's the beginning of the end of my hunger for success and achievement, something that I don't necessarily want to give up yet. Even if that is the case the tradeoff may be worth it. On the other hand it may just be the change in diet which has definitely reduced my headaches and given me a boost of energy. Regardless, feeling good is...good.

The older seinfeld episodes are interesting to watch in light of Curb your Enthusiasm. For example you can tell that Larry David wrote the scenario where Jerry kills Manya by putting down people who had ponies when they were young. It's also interesting to see just how normal it is in terms of humor and quality in those early seasons before Larry's fateful walk where he figured out the whole interweaving storylines angle. The more you know about Larry the more you can see how his development affected the show.

The new movie "Against the ropes" offends me just by existing. It is the story of how a female boxing promoter managed to become a success in the ring. Oh wait, no, she didn't. She managed someone who did all the work and fighting and became successful. Meanwhile she takes all the credit and gets first billing in the movie. What the hell kind of crap is that? Has there ever been a serious movie about a male manager of a successful female? No, they succeed despite male malfeasence while men need the gritty promoter for them to achieve anything at all.

Fortunately the film is going to bomb and be forgotten except for Meg Ryan obsessives.

Why does Hollywood make such shit? People say it's near impossible to succeed in the movie business but people manage to sell PATHETIC scripts and direct even worse movies out of them all the time.

Also there's a sequel to the wingman commercial out. It's called Wingdog and while it's kind of amusing it isn't half as good as its predecessor. We need a sequel to Catfight too. Anyway for old time's sake here's the lyrics to Wingman, the greatest beer commercial ever for a tea totaler:

"This chick's rocking your bro on the dance floor
But she's towing an anchor, a junior investment banker
who's talking about herself and not much more
so buy her a beer that's the reason you're here
mighty wingman
You're taking one for the team so your buddy can live the dream.

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