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Worthless posting do not read

I'm not as sick as I was yesterday. I still have a bit of a head thing and my nose is running a bit, but I should recover by tomorrow in time to teach the class.

The future isn't bright enough to make me wear shades, but maybe some semi-retinal protection contacts? Feeling sicker air is thicker but I can't give in ToooNIGHT.

Being sick absolves me of ambition. I actually like it. I don't need to worry about reading Dostoyevsky when my brain is full of pudding. I don't even need to worry about making progress on my anime collection.

Why is being young such a protracted and difficult time? Why do we have to live throguh so many years of training training training for a future that isn't even guaranteed? Why does this world leave so little time for contemplation and recreation if you want to be successful....don't people understand that only with periods of rest can perspective be gained? You need to take yourself out of the game to look at the score. I admit that I spend too much time thinking and not enough doing but that's MY problem.

I'm addled I shouldn't be writing I'm confused and pathetic but I need a milestone to remind me of the times when I've felt pretty good and now is one of those times.

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