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I've been through all this shit before.

I wrote the test yesterday without too much trouble. I never even had to enter full-on stress freakout mode which is a good thing. The paper was hardly a masterpiece, but I did get a chance to read it over before I turned it in and everything made a decent amount of sense and had a reasonable flow to it. I hate everything I write unconditionaly so I won't try to predict how I'll do but I'd be pretty surprised if it's under a B+ and unsurprised if it's an A. Of course I COULD have done a far superior job but that would've taken a lot more time and been a waste of time and effort. Page limits are a serious problem for me, I am not a concise writer. This was supposed to be 3 1000 word essays and I ended up writing a total of 4100 words.

I also managed to attend my classes and that's good. I hate cutting one class to do work for another. My poli-sci 'lecture' class that's turned into a seminar is a bit hostile to me though. I guess I tend to prefer ferreting out the flaws in various theories rather than focusing on praising them to high heaven and this arouses the ire of some. The professor told us we could go see "Fog of War" instead of reading one of the books and some students were organizing a trip to a theatre to do so. One of them sarcastically invited me by saying "Why don't you tag along, we need someone to throw stuff at the screen." I don't think I'm that hostile. It's a good thing they didn't get to me on the list of 'ideas whose time has come.' I was going to propose full-scale thermonuclear warfare. Think about it, right now most of our enemies are NOT allied with a nuclear power of any sort (unless you count the fact that France is in bed with everyone) and the longer we wait the more likely it is that such an alliance will be formed or they will develop their own nukes and delivery system like the north koreans seem to have. Now is the time to test out exactly what effect a hydrogen bomb can have on a city! Added bonus, if there ARE retaliatory strikes we can eliminate that pesky joblessness problem! BOOM there goes Seattle and suddenly Boeing has openings for airplane builders.

And you KNOW Bush would enjoy it!

On a down note I finally stepped on a scale today and it was not good news. I've been losing lbs but I have more to get rid of than I had originally thought, and not just 1 or 2 more. I felt like I packed on a bunch when I saw that. It won't shake my perseverence but it has definitely reduced my level of gladness.

There's something caught between my two front bottom teeth and I have no idea what it is. It feels like a chunk of enamel or something and it won't come free. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get it.
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