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Tie my pantyhose around my neck

Someone just called my number with a machine that immediately put me on hold. That is the rudest thing in the history of rudeness. You don't call someone and place them on hold, that's like walking into someone's house and telling them to get out so you can shit on their rug. It was probably some telemarketer too, since it didn't announce what institution or office was calling. I hung up before finding out. Whoever it was, they need to learn some manners and quick. I don't care if it was Elizabeth Hurley calling to offer me $5 million and a full day of blowjobs. That kind of rudeness cannot be rewarded.

Played Squash again today. It's a ton of fun but I wish I could move better. I can get from side to side but I'm afraid to lunge forward because I don't want to pull something. We did get some good hitting in though and it's great exercise. Leaves my legs feeling drained, but in a good way.

My free speech class didn't go over the whole Columbia cartoon flap this week. I can't quite figure that out yet.

My mom has someone staying at the house right now, and she's so quiet that I can't even tell when she's here or not. It's kind of creepy not to mention annoying since I can't fix myself a proper breakfast.
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