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It's been one week

There are some significant potential advantages to what's going on in MA. If you combine this news story with logic you arrive at a very attractive scenario. click here for the sexy

Is Showgirls the greatest awful movie of all time? It combines dialogue that you keep thinking can't possibly get any worse but consistantly does with name-brand actors, children, monkeys, and plenty of poorly conceived nudity. The only thing that could improve it would be Treat Williams beating up a bunch of highschool kids about halfway through.

One of my friends just prank called me on a bet claiming that he was gay and in a gay bar at the time. It was a very weak prank call and not so much funny as puzzling. It's also a bit annoying to be dragged into other people's nights of drunken revelry.

On the other hand, it's really tough to get me with this kind of thing. For the most part I don't believe in trusting people and I think that far too many people get into trouble because they do trust. Something like 10% of the population of the world believes their biological father to be someone other than who it is. 10%! That statistic alone is enough to assure that if I was ever accused of fathering a child (even if it was in a situation where I had attempted to father one and was being told I had been successful) I would probably get DNA testing from 2 different labs. You truly cannot be too careful when dealing with other people.

On a lighter note, Saturday Night Live has achieved heights of unfunnyness previously only attained by Mad TV and Whoopi. Not only could I write better material than this, but I could probably give a better performance than some of these craptastic actors. This was the show that launched careers of such luminaries as Andy Kaufman, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and assorted others. Now it's stuck with Horatio Sanz and worse. It needs to be put out of its misery.

Kevin Kline doesn't get nearly enough work these days. What happened to him?

Happy Leap Day everyone! Babies born on this day will be able to die of old age before turning 30. SWEET!
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