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Thank the lord that you still got hands, to help you do that jerkin' that'll blot out your disco sorrow

Well I came out from yesterday alive but I'm not pleased with my work. I barely got my take home test finished on time, and didn't even have time to read it over. To make matters worse after I handed it in the professor laughed at the joke I put on the title page and said I'd get an extra point or two for that, and then this girl said "Like he needs it! Give it to the rest of us." Now I realize that's a compliment, and it didn't make me angry or anything, but this is not a good paper folks and raised expectations are NOT my friend. She also said that she didn't want her paper to be read after mine, making me wince again. I do not predict good things from that paper.

Fortunately the professor actually cancelled class to let us study for mid-terms so I didn't have time to stew as I rushed home to try and get some studying in for my history mid-term. Unfortunately I didn't get a heck of a lot of studying done and wasn't as focused as I usually am when actually writing up the test. I don't think I did well at all, although certainly not badly enough to fail or anything. Oh well, if I do better on the final he won't even count the mid-term so...

The TA for my film class approved our proposal for a film project so that's definitely a good thing. She did say that she was sorry she wasn't going to get a chance to read the paper I proposed, which is also a good thing. Not that she's sorry, but rather that the fall back plan is one that has potential. How can I lose? I think some of my lack of focus in my other classes may have to do with how oriented I am towards film at the moment, for a variety of reasons, some rational, some highly irrational and ANNOYING.

Of course I am also slightly under the weather so that may play a role as well. Equally annoying but hey, it happens, especially to someone like me who is incapable of varying wardrobe to match weather.

One good thing that came out of yesterday was external confirmation that my sharpness is getting back to its previous levels. It's been a year or two since I've been academically intimidating, or had an instructor actually interested in my work. Maybe it's the ginseng in my vitamins but more likely it's the better diet.

Of course the diet hasn't been going to great but I might be retaining water due to illness. That has been known to happen.

2 classes today and then spring break, glorious break. Good stuff.
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