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All I need is some inspiration

Being sick is a combination of irritating as all hell and kind of nice. Naturally naseau, a sore throat, and a pounding headache is never a nice combination of things. On the other side when one is sick during a time period where you don't have anything pressing to get done there's a certain amount of freedom and relief that comes with it. I'm feeling a little better now but still have a sore throat and a slight headache. At least my ENTIRE break won't be wasted.

I've been watching a bunch of bad movies while ill and something that strikes me is how in romantic comedies where one of the male characters has to change in order to get the girl, it is frequently the promiscuois jerk who has to become slightly less of a jerk. I kind of wonder who the demographic is for this sort of scenario, since I don't know all that many people in real life who route for slutty jerks to find true love. It's also interesting to me how most of the time male changes are in terms of personality or morality while females often change physically (the classic Ugly Duckling tale.) I just don't quite understand these conventions (well the physical vs emotional changes I do because of stereotypes and the higher expectations of women in terms of appearance.) I guess I'm not expressing myself well since this rule has literally dozens of exceptions and may in fact just be an artifiact of how I view films, but the gist of what I'm saying is that in these films being a jerk is often (though clearly not always) viewed as more of an impedement to getting the right girl rather than a moral failing. It's a badly formatted thought though.

I said I'd write something on the ides of march which have arrived. In fact I did bang out 1500 words of treatments for the film project, so I guess that counts, though I may still write what i had planned on if my head stops pounding. My partner had a bit part in The Sopranos last night, which is pretty cool except that now there's absolutely no way I'm appearing on screen with him.

I am disappointed that the conservatives lost in Spain. Not because I particularly supported their positions or even care all that much about the government of Spain (which is at best a second rate European power) but because it looks like the reason for their loss was the terrorist attacks. By caving in to the terrorists the Spanish populace has done nothing more than invite MORE terrorism. Terrorists can never be appeased unless they have firm, clear, and united goals which they rarely do. See the Palestinians as an object lesson (The reason Arafat didn't close the deal was that he didn't have the power to.)

Reinforcing terrorist behavior is a BAD IDEA. A VERY bad idea.
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