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Would you love me more if I called you a guttersnipe?

Feeling a little better. Been reading some of A Confederacy Of Dunces and it's much quicker going now than when I attempted it the first time. I think it may be because I am older and more mature but it's probably just because I'm sick and tired and restless. It does shed some light on why the book was suggested to me by two people and I just have to say fuck you both, even though only one of them reads this and the other I will probably never see again.

I have to think seriously now about whether I want to teach a class next semester. It adds to my workload considerably but it is also a big confidence builder and helpful to me in terms of understanding what my professors go through. I think that I should.

Growing tired and guilty now. Heh I need to DO something. Maybe more reading.

Sorry these entries suck so much but I don't care about that. I'm sick you meanie!
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