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The president seems to be just fine

I saw She's Gotta Have it for the first time today. It was better than I expected but still not much more than an excellent student film. Quite an accomplishment for Lee in his late 20's I'll grant but nothing mind blowing. Some of the themes were well presented, like the eroticism of black people's bodies, the reconfiguration of male-female relationship stereotypes etc... On the other hand the acting was mediocre (with the guy who played Greer Childs being over the top and the guy who played Jaime underplaying the character too much) the cinematography was uninspiring (although the color sequences is appropriately striking in the context of the black and white, and I had no problem with the choice to go black and white even if it was not a money thing) and the dialogue was rather pedestrian with the exception of Spike Lee's character who was charming in his repetitious originality and merry pranks. The main character was quite engaging and the actress who played her had a pretty face (I found her breasts rather unattractive for the number of times they were displayed) and charming mannerisms including a very cute "mmm-hmm." However despite that it was never fully clear to me why it took these men so long to respond to what was going on. It's almost as if the scope of the film was too grand, for little to no reason. The events presented could easily have played out over the course of 3-4 weeks. Given the scope of the film it seemed like something was missing from it. Some part that explains why Greer put his pride on hold and Jaimie his values for this extended period of time. Morris is the only character whose motivations make sense, since he's easy and free, not to mention not really having a lot going on in his life.

I can't believe that movie is almost 20 years old. The 80's are fast approaching what the 70's were in the 90's. It's funny, I think of the 80's as a time MUCH more recent than the 70's just because of when I was born. To younger people they must seem foreign and weird with their MC Hammer and the He-Man. Trip out.

On the Baldwin rating scale She's Gotta Have it earns a firm, even, Steven.

P.S. Chuck Schumer on the Daily Show last night was excellente. Even if he is something of a slick willy he certainly can be charming when he wants to and make strong statements as well. I don't consider myself easily impressed by politicians but Charles Schumer is definitely one of the more impressive ones I've seen.
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