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When the cat took your tongue I say you took it right back.

The illness lingers and my frustration grows. Today I had a headache and the sniffles. Nothing too serious but when added to fatigue it was enough to keep me from writing the script I've had in my head for the last few days. I don't want to put it down while sick because it needs to flow properly and if I put down something sucky I may get discouraged and not edit it properly. This whole spring break is gone and the cold lingers. Really really annoying.

I went and bought a Sportscoat in a somewhat upscale store yesterday. That was not an experience I hope to repeat. I ended up spending about $225 for the jacket, which is reasonable in my opinion since a sportscoat is the sort of thing that you can wear in various situations and multiple times a week. On the other hand they had some ties and shirts that cost almost as much as the jacket and some jackets that cost 3 times as much. Man, I don't come from a poor family or anything but I can't imagine spending that kind of money on clothes on a regular basis. I don't like spending more than $25 for a shirt, and $50 for a pair of pants is on the high side. $135 for a necktie? They aren't even that much better looking than the $12 ones. What's the point? The salesmen looked at me with disdain but I don't really care. I LIKE being disdained for not understanding that kind of conspicuous consumption!

The second episode of Wonderfalls was on tonight. It was okay but I couldn't help but wonder about some of the choices that the writers made. They did a few things that I wouldn't expect until at least halfway through the first season, not in the second episode. Breaking patterns and showing nuance to established attitudes is all good and fine, but you need to ESTABLISH the patterns and attitudes first. Just felt too early for that stuff. On the plus side Caroline Dhavernas is still incredibly cute in it, and her character is one of the few female characters who I can actually watch and not get irritated. She manages to be strong without being a man-hating jerk or an airhead. That's an upside.

Today I saw The Hulk and North By Northwest. The Hulk was...okay. Nothing special although it had some impressive action sequences. Nick Nolte went way over the top, but he's Nick Nolte and that's his right. The most interesting thing to me was that The CG Hulk was more believable in the quiet emotive scenes than the big action battles. You'd expect the opposite.

North By Northwest was excellent. Carey Grant manages to walk the line between easy charm and nervous tension with expertise. The lighting made him look far younger than the 55 he was when he took the role, and the film manages to maintain its oddball tone without unevenness or problems.

An interesting thing that I've noticed is that while watching TV or films these days I have a tendancy to pay attention to things like pacing, continuity, dialogue patterns, and audience appropriateness of certain material. I can't credit the film class for that since the professor prefers to focus on the technical or the semantic rather than those sorts of things but that's not where my interests are. I guess it's the writer in me but I care more about structure and the like than I do about fragmentation or lighting. Maybe that's my subconscious telling me to focus on writing rather than other aspects of production, or maybe it's something else. Just a trend I've picked up on in myself recently. I may start a seperate journal of my observations and thoughts while watching various entertainments or I may just integrate it further into this one. I haven't decided yet.

Tomorrow I go to the country to pack up some stuff. I'm not really looking forward to it. I have work to do if I feel better and I'm not in the mood to leave the city. Maybe it will do me some good. I can't imagine it'll be that big a deal. The emptiness is really strongly around me now. I want to find something to do after college but I also want to focus on finishing college first. I have some stuff to do before the TFA interview but honestly that's seeming like less and less of a good choice the more time drags on. I'm not sure what the right choice would be at this point. Maybe I will end up taking a year off like so many others do, getting some menial job and taking soem classes to figure out my future. Maybe something will turn up.

My appetite has decreased significantly recently. Also I've found it very easy to get off of diet sodas, something a lot of people have trouble with. Just water and Iced Tea for the last few days.

I am getting a haircut early tomorrow morning. I'm sure I'll hate it.
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