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Yours is most likely to be misunderstood.

I feel deflated at the moment. I'm not sure if it's just because of the interview, which had been something to look towards for the last month, or the re-introduction of some carbohydrates into my diet or just the recent weather. Maybe it's just inexplicable. It doesn't help me with getting my work done though. I don't feel I can get it done, even though consciously I know that this is untrue.

Saw two films I've been meaning to see for awhile today. The first was "The Rundown" which is a passable second teir action flick. It's not one of those action films that stays with you and helps define your world view of cool like Die Hard or Terminator 2, but neither is it entirely forgettable and irrelevant, like a 1970's made for television revenge movie might be.

Also Punch Drunk Love. This was a really good film, similar in some ways to Lost in Translation but far far superior. There were moments that were subtly humorous to the point of having me laugh out loud. It was surreal and odd and beautiful. Adam Sandler wasn't annoying. This is an example of sparse filmmaking done right, and it contains some great dialogue about pudding.

I said earlier I'd talk about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but honestly it's just packed so full I wouldn't know where to start. For me perhaps the most interesting part of the movie was the way it didn't compromise and it wasn't afraid to offer a vision of science run amok that couldn't be countered just by good intentions or human willpower. That was brave. There was tons of LITTLE stuff in each scene though. The little stuff was the biggest part of the film really.

I don't think I have anything else to say right now.
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