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It's a sign of the times.

My policy professor liked my paper. She gave me a 100% and asked to use my paper as a sample for students who want a reference to see how a paper should be written. This is the second time this has happened to me in my college career. I wonder if that makes me above or below average in terms of writing reference papers. There are an average of like 20 students to a class and the average student takes 35 or so courses, so it would seem like most get at least two sample papers out there. On the other hand not every course offers sample paper, those that do don't update them every year etc... Of course some courses have multiple sample papers so there's that. It's a really hard statistic to figure. Anyway the paper is a bit of a mess (I was sick while writing it) so I need to edit it before letting her use it as a sample. Frankly I'd be a little more excited about this if it weren't for the fact that she has really low standards. She thinks every theorist is a genius. It's like she's one of those Guiness guys standing around saying "policy is formulated through a convergence of special interests and governmental structures? BRILLIANT. Policy is formulated by a strong executive and his support staff? BRILLIANT." I mean she's a nice and decent professor but I doubt anyone got lower than a 95 on that paper.

The paper crunch is already closing in on me. I met with my first ammendment professor today and he told me that my copyright paper was a go but that it would require extra research and work on my part, which he seemed eager for me to undertake, because he didn't know much about the topic. He did give me some leads to look into though, so it's not like he wasn't helpful. I really need to get rolling on this stuff. Can't let myself get crushed beneath an ever-increasing load of assignments especially since senior year you can't really get extensions. Everything has to be in by the end of finals.

I finally managed to get rid of that brick sitting in my colon. That's been a big relief for a bunch of reasons.

Frank died on The Sopranos. It was an ignominous death. Our project is still going but we did a field test of the camera today and it's going to look pretty ugly if we don't find a better lighting scheme. Lighting is one of the toughest elements of cinema to fake. I'm not sure what we're going to do to resolve that issue.

On my way to class today I passed a couple of girls and one of them said to the other "Yeah spring fever is definitely here." I think I feel it too, and I'm hoping it will pass soon. I am just starting to get comfortable being my own introverted self. I don't need unfulfillable urges or thoughts intruding on me right now, not when I have so much crap on my plate.

There's stuff going on internally right now that I can't really verbalize or put into words. My mind is circling a couple of concepts without being able to sort out what I really mean by them. I'll try to clarify later.
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