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Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Say baby are you having fun?

Writing, like the emotional bulimia that it is, worked it's magic and I felt better yesterday. Maybe it was just a blood sugar thing, or maybe I just needed to get it out, purge on to the page the dark thoughts swirling in my mind and clean house a little. It's April Fools day and I toyed with the idea of trying to think up an LJ April Fools joke but discarded it as kind of a waste of time and somewhat juvenile. Fortunately the powers that be decided to make a rather silly one that has gotten some people into a tizzy and garnered thousands of comments in but a few hours. Cute.

Yesterday was okay. I wrote about 6,365 words for my film class without ever really feeling pressure and got to listen to the inagural broadcast of Air America. That Al Franken sure is a card! I don't know how long it will last but I'll be a listener for at least awhile. It was good to have something to do for the entire day, although I went to sleep extremely early last night, around 8:30 PM or so.

I've decided that I'm not going to go to my college graduation. I had considered it briefly, especially since my mother said that my graduation gift (either a used car or a really nice video camera) was dependant on my doing so, but I don't want to be bribed into doing something I don't feel comfortable with. It would be meaningless without my father there and I'm just not engaged with my school. I don't want to stand among a bunch of people I don't know then walk across a stage to pick up a diploma I don't care about.

I made one of my crudest jokes ever today when I said "Looks like Bush is finally unveiling his new jobs policy. There are now four openings for civilian contractors in Iraq."

Wonderfalls was great tonight (it got moved to thursdays.) Wonderful writing and great timing. Top fricking notch.

I need to do something I feel is meaningful and fast. I really need to get involved in some sort of long term project as part of a team (so I have some motivation) and jumpstart my psyche which is floundering and folding in on itself, unlike a house of cards (not that houses of cards don't fold in upon themselves, they just do it in another way.)

We talked about pornography today in first ammendment class. Roy re-enforced what a fucking prick he is in a thousand little ways. I hated him from the moment I first saw him but without just cause. At that point he was just a tall athlete with well-trimmed hair, which doesn't necessarily make him an asshole. Over the last couple of months he's kept opening his mouth and proving my initial impression accurate.

Anyway, the pornography discussion was fractured and incoherent in a lot of ways. I will say that I think that McKinnon is a moron and is no more an intellectual than Al Sharpton is. Pornography doesn't degrade women half as effectively as her blathering does. She's giving the CC lecture at Columbia this year and Justin suggested we go heckle her by asking questions like "Why did the patriarchy force you, who as a woman completely lacks agency, to write your book?" The only problem with that plan is that we'd have to actually sit through her lecture first. I have noticed that I feel comfortable naming males in this journal while I describe, and sometimes assign a label to, females. There's no deep or subconscious meaning to that, it's just that I'm embarassed to talk about women.

On tuesday in my GED class a pair of brass knuckles dropped out of the pocket of a guy who is about 6'3" and 250 LBs. I didn't mention it but I must admit to feeling a bit intimidated when he came up to confront me about the test. He wasn't rude or hostile, just concerned about how difficult the math section was. I still couldn't help but think about the weapon in his pocket though.

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I need to write more creative stuff. I should probably set up a journal to do that, only then I'd feel compelled to actually do it. That might not be a bad thing per se.

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