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Homeboy I rock it like that

Last night was okay. My mother and I saw "Goodbye Lenin" and went for some mediocre sushi but good other japanese food (the Torikama, I believe it's called, was outstanding.) Goodbye Lenin was a good movie stretched too thin. It's about an East German mother who has a heart attack right before the fall of the Berlin wall, goes into a coma, and wakes up 8 months later. Her children have to keep her from anything that might shock her so they basically construct an alternative history for the past year or so. It's a screwball comedy but it's way too long and it's tonally inconsistant. I wouldn't say it's not worth seeing, the acting is pretty good except for the mother, who is great when she's not trying to appear sick, and there's a lot of funny stuff and some good social commentary.

Tuesday is the 10th anniversary of my father's suicide. I'll be fasting on that day and it'll probably suck since it's my long day, going from 2-8 PM in the afternoon. Speaking of fasting I need to bear down on my diet since I've been fluctuating upwards for the past week or so. Time to recommit.

Millerton, the town where my house is upstate, got mentioned as an up and coming resort area by the New York Times yesterday. Apparently there are celebrities who live in the area and visit it, and it's a happening place, who knew?

Yesterday I bumped into a baby in a carriage in the supermarket. I really need to watch where I'm going more, although I would like to know who leaves a baby just lying in the middle of an aisle. I didn't even really see it. Fortunately it just rolled a little ways and nobody got hurt but still it was pretty embarassing.

My eye hurts so I'm not going to write any more at the moment. I have a sty or something. Blech.

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