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Should I fall from grace?

We had a half decent seder, even if it was about as Jewish as a pig-roast. We even had a ratio of 5.85:6.15 Jews to gentiles. Still the conversation was alright, the Haggadah was gone through fairly quickly, and the rest of the night was spent with some excellent food and some semi-intelligent conversations. I also got to be my normal sarcastic snipey self, during the reading of the Haggadah and afterwards. One of the highlights was when my cousin said she needed help finding the Afikhoman and asked for a hint, and I replied "It's on top of the bookshelf by the ladder."

Perhaps the most interesting part of the evening for me was that almost everyone else got pretty drunk and I observed their behavior. It was kind of odd actually, I've never seen the effects of alcohol so clearly and obviously before.

It is now officially the 10th anniversary of my father's death and I'm sure I'll have a ton to say tomorrow, or maybe I won't, perhaps the anticipation forced me to work out those issues beforehand. Anyway I'll be fasting for the next 24 hours, which should be fine since I am absolutely stuffed at the moment. Today was pretty uneventful and okay. The only real issue is I have SO much work to finish by the end of the semester it's crazy.

Que Sera Sera.
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