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This narcolepsy.

I felt surprisingly empty yesterday. Normally there is some sort of serious emotional impact that comes with that day but yesterday...nothing. I was a little bit lonely but that's pretty normal for me. I was hungry but that comes with fasting. Otherwise I felt pretty okay, if not a little frustrated with my life at the moment.

I got a check plus plus on my journal for film class which is good. If I were a couple years younger and had more confidence I'd try to talk to my TA about finding some sort of opportunity for over the summer. She clearly has at least some level of respect for me, even if our professor doesn't, but he's a bit flakey in some ways.

I had a terrible headache all throughout yesterday due to low blood sugar. This bothers me because I've usually been okay when fasting, but it was really pounding and painful to the point where I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that my body was devouring its neurons for energy, if that were possible. I think I was slightly delirious for part of the day at least, although I didn't have any hallucinations or anything just a sense of detachement. I can't believe I made it through the GED class intact but it actually was a fairly decent session. Most of my students didn't do too well in science which either reflects poorly on me as a teacher or tells me that the science section was difficult this time. Of course they did worse on math, but that's to be expected.

Hiroshima Mon Amour is either a fairly brilliant film or a pretentious piece of crap, I am unsure. I did fall asleep during part of that but that could be at least partially a result of my fasting.

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