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And another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust

I don't want to really believe it but it looks like we may be heading for another world war. Iraq has not only turned into a massive quagmire but it is setting off anti-western sentiment throughout the muslim world, which is not limited to the Middle East or Africa and Asia but includes wide swatches of European and even American society. The militias are growing in size and influence and we're going to need to start up new serious military action over the next few days. If the Saudis have a revolt or our Pakistani dictator buddy buys it we could soon find ourselves neck deep in a very special kind of dark and fragrant shit.

Of course a true world war is just the best case scenario. The west could easily whip the Islamic countries in a war right now, and even if China weighed in on their side (which it wouldn't since it routinely cracks down on Muslims) it would be a war we could win, even if we would probably have to sacrifice a generation of young men. Instead what's likely to happen is that all at once there's going to be a few big flashes and no more Washington DC, London, and Tokyo. The nuclear genie has long been out of the bottle but finally we have a large and dedicated group that doesn't give anything resembling a fuck about human life and would be more than willing to use it if given half a chance. They have started kidnapping civilians in Iraq and are threatening to burn some Japanese alive unless the government takes it's 550 non-combat personel out of the country.

I talked to Justin about this and he agrees that it's a fucking disaster. There's no good way to extricate ourselves from this that leaves the country stable and U.S. world reputation intact. We're pissing away superpower status and safety and for WHAT? The benefit of a few oligarchs?

Complex analysis is impossible at this point because so much is unknown. The only thing that's for sure is that shit has gone very very bad in a big way.

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