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Save save save me.

Head....hurts....Wizard needs painkiller badly. I spent all of last night waking up frequently during my sleep and feeling intense intestinal discomfort. It was not pleasant. Now my head feels like a woodpecker is hammering away at it and my nose is running like Maurice Chevalier away from anti-perspirant.

The list of things I'm supposed to do today is impressive

1) Go to policy class. This should be doable
2) Go to Badminton. Ugh. I will do it but it's going to be hell and a monkey.
3) Go to Continuing Education office. I will do this too despite the fact that I will not understand a word they say.
4) Go to Foner's Class. Why not?
5) Hand in Bibliography for First Ammendment paper. Not a chance. I can't write coherently today. I'll talk to the professor on wednesday or something.
6) Go to film class discussion section. Sure I'll go there and just not say anything.

Fuck, this is not a good time for this bullshit. I wonder if it really is a result of Frank and his girlfriend pissing off the waitstaff at the Chinese food place. Probably just a coincedence but an inauspicious one.

I used to like being sick because it offered an excuse not to do anything but that's no longer the case. Now it just makes things harder to get done.

Damn dirty germs.

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